Created to promote and invigorate networking in Barcelona and a lot more

We promote the synergies of the WTC Barcelona Community by making use of the co-operative international spirit that has always characterised WTC. Envisioned as a network of value-added services for the businessmen and employees of the business park, its aim is to promote and enliven networking in Barcelona.

We periodically organise events to celebrate festive days – everyone’s welcome! Our e-newsletter and presence on the leading social networks also create synergies between clients and visitors of the business park. We also have co-operation agreements with the Spanish Executives Association and work in tandem with cultural and sports organizations to get the best discounts.


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Commemorations and festive events

The Blood and Tissue Bank bus visits WTC Barcelona,
we extend invitations to showrooms... And a lot more


Co-operation agreements

Benefits to enjoy Barcelona: draws and discounts on theater with Myentrada,
discounts at museums, at Happyyoga centers and much more!

Join the WTC Barcelona Community and gain access to a world of possibilities. Don’t miss out on WTCB news: sign up for our E-news and follow us on our networks.

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