If you like keeping up with technological innovations and installing the most functional applications on the market on your devices, we recommend the following 3 apps, all featured at the MWC


Newscron, your newspaper in an application 

With Newscron you can do away with the individual applications for your favourite magazines and newspapers: now you can access all news sources through a single app.

With this application –available for iphone, ipad and android as well as in a web version, you can compare opinions on a single story in different media and follow up on the story using a timeline that shows its development.

You can personalise Newscron to suit your preferences at any time and select the news you’d like to receive on a topic and territory basis.

Its database currently includes more than 740 media worldwide, among them 106 Spanish newspapers and magazines.




Watch the Newscron demo video




My meetingss

My meetings are an app designed to help executives manage their meetings and is available for tablets and PCs with Windows 8.

The app lets you set the topics to be discussed in a meeting, send a notice of the meeting to all the participants, take notes, take photos or make voice recordings during the meeting, then share the minutes and the agreements taken for subsequent follow-up purposes.

This app won the award voted by the public at the Mobile Premiere Awards.


Watch the My meetings demo video here



Andara is the Business Intelligence and Performance Management extrapolation used by corporations and SMEs alike. Available for tablets, this application lets small and medium-sized enterprises monitor their business in real time using data analysis and management tools.

It lets you synchronise your Excel charts with Andara or enter data directly from your device, and visualise your firm’s activity in graph format, draw up reports, and share documents.


Watch the Andara demo video here

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