WTC Barcelona wants to celebrate Sant Jordi with you in a very special way! To make it an unforgettable occasion, this year we’re going to start celebrating as of 14th April at WTC Barcelona.


We’re looking for WTC Barcelona’s most creative employee!

Starting on Monday 14th April, you’re invited to take part in a contest for the best photograph to do with St. Jordi’s Day. 

Visit the WTC Barcelona Facebook page and post your funniest, most original, offbeat, group, selfy or family photograph... just make sure it refers to St Jordí’s day in some way: a rose, a book, the Ramblas, a dragon even!


The lucky winner can choose 10 books at The book token has a value of 200€.


How does the contest work?

If you work for a company at WTC Barcelona, you can post your photo from the 14th to 15:00 p.m.on 25rd of April on the WTCB Facebook page. 

You can also post it on Facebook through Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag#WTCBSantJordi14 and share it on WTC Barcelona Facebook.

The five photos with the most votes will reach the final round, in which a jury with no connections to the WTCB and GIS staff will choose the best one. You can post photos until 25th April at 15:00, and the winning entry will be published on 28th April.



Books and roses at WTC Barcelona

Once again, this year WTC Barcelona is offering a bundle of books courtesy of Librería Troa and a bouquet of solidary roses from the Act Fundació, both of which will be at the Complex plaza.

If you’d like to order some books or roses for St. Jordi’s, you can do so here, before 15th April:


Librería Troa

Tel.: 93 217 54 08


You can review the available books in: 

Act Fundació

Tel.: 661 17 86 67


Send us your pics! Let’s all make this Sant Jordi’s Day an unforgettable occasion!


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